Cyber attacks caused nearly $1 trillion of damage in 2021. NGT Academy is training Americans to keep our data safe.
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Unit Price: $1.00
Unit Price: $1.00
Each Unit consists of: 1 share of Class B common stock and ½ of a warrant to buy an additional Class B share for $2.00

This offering is made in reliance on Regulation A under the Securities Act of 1933. The securities offered are speculative, illiquid, and an investor could lose the entire investment. Investors should read the relevant Offering Circular and consider the risks therein before investing. NEXGENT has a limited operating history, is operating at a loss, and if it does not obtain adequate capital funding or improve financial performance, it may not be able to continue as a going concern.

our mission

Train 1 Million Cyber Warriors By 2030

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The Challenge

$10.5 trillion in damage expected to be done by hackers by 2025.

Source: Cybercrime Magazine, 2020

Our critical infrastructure and American way of life face a wide array of serious risks with significant real-world consequences.

Jen Easterly,
Director Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency,
U.S.  Department of Homeland  Security

The solution

Train 1 Million Cyber Warriors By 2030

The US has a massive skills gap that urgently needs to be filled.

Companies are struggling to hire security professionals and a four-year college education is not the solution for millions of people.

The American educational system takes 4 years to complete and saddles students with crushing debt. The average student debt takes 20 years to pay off and is a $1.6 trillion crisis plaguing generations. That’s too much time and money to meet the market demand.

It’s time for change and NGT Academy is leading the way.

NGT Academy’s specialized 20-week training program provides an alternative path for American Service Workers and Veterans looking for high-paying, high-growth, cyber security careers without going broke or taking on years of student loan debt.

NGT Academy offers zero tuition up front via our Income Sharing Agreement. Students don't pay anything until they get a job earning at $40,000 or more yearly.

the ngt academy timeframe

NGT Academy Prepares Students for an IT Career in a Fraction of the Time Required for College

NGT Academy prepares students to join the workforce more rapidly than traditional degrees, opening up the possibility of multiple industry promotions in the same timespan typically required for a 4 year degree.


Meet The Founders

NexGenT intends to claim our share of this massive market.
Our unique revenue model avoids crippling student debt. 

real world experience

NGT Academy is Led by Military Trainers

The company was founded by former tech instructors from the U.S. Air Force who trained thousands of engineers for the military with top security clearances. The founders have combined the military-style training philosophy of job readiness with over 40+ years (in total) of work experience across network engineering, cyber security, and systems engineering for the U.S. government, Cisco Systems, Arista Networks, & Dimension Data.

We offer both in-person and remote-online learning, though the majority of our students learns online. Students can become network engineers and cybersecurity specialist from any place in the world. Your investment in NGT Academy will go alongside previous investments from some of the most prestigious firms in the world.

There is a massive cyber skills gap in America

The cybersecurity industry would grow by a third overnight if companies could just find trained applicants.
Forecasts suggest that by the end of 2022 there will be over 3.5 million unfilled cyber jobs.
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our value proposition

Traditional College

  • 4 Years Of School
  • $100K in debt
  • 20 Weeks
  • Zero Tuition Upfront (ISA)
  • 10% Of Income For 4 Yrs.

How do we do it?

Students Only Pay When They Succeed, Avoiding Crushing Debt

NGT Academy students avoid the crushing debt that comes with a traditional 4-year university education by choosing between one of two financing options.


Employer Scholarships

Many people already in the IT field want to gain cybersecurity certification and their employers want new Cyberwarriors. Employers pay NGT Academy’s tuition because they know NGT Academy can give their employees the tools they need to succeed in cybersecurity. NGT Academy is also establishing a scholarship program for veterans, where future employers pay to transition our returning veterans to a new career fighting America’s newest and boldest foes -- cybercriminals.


Income Sharing Agreements

NGT Academy offers an innovative tuition structure called an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA). Instead of an upfront loan that the student must pay in full no matter what, students pay 10% of their income for just four years. They only pay if their earnings are over $40,000, and they only pay to a cap of $25,000. NGT Academy has a partnership with a financial institution to purchase these ISA contracts so the risk to NGT Academy is reduced.

expedited learning

We call our training framework Zero to Engineer™

Any motivated person can become a cyber security professional in just 20 weeks. And with no upfront tuition and no student loans, our NGT Academy programs are accessible to everyone.

A Program Designed to Drive Success

Anyone in the world who meets our initial qualifications can take our intensive 20 week (full time) or 30-week (part time) online courses. Our training is rigorous and comprehensive to allow our graduates to contribute on day one at the companies eager to hire them.

380+ hours

of engaging and motivating live instruction delivered both in-person, and virtually

100+ project hours

of real-world project deployments where students plan, design, implement, support, and close the IT project.

Hands-on labs and robust cyber range

where students develop and test real-world cyber security skills to produce job ready graduates

Real world skills verification

via a live Skills Qualification check

Professional career coaching

with on-demand 1:1 check-ins, mock interviews, personal branding, and access to industry expert guest speakers and mentors

looking forward

NGT is On the Move

In 2022, we will be opening our 1st next-generation campus in Phoenix, Arizona. The building will re-imagine the campus in a metropolitan area where students can transform their lives in a matter of months vs years of college and high interest student loans.

The Phoenix campus will have instructional labs, housing, day-care and more. We chose Phoenix because of the large number of veterans in the area, and we will start out by offering 100% full scholarships to veterans with active security clearances.

Companies needing to secure their data or otherwise improve their IT operations covet NGT Academy graduates because they know that our students can hit the ground running and contribute on the first day of work.

We are not stopping there. We are currently working on virtual reality learning for both online students and those at our Phoenix campus. Students will be able to take virtual field trips to data centers and other locations that they may encounter in their careers. They can go on virtual scavenger hunts so when they walk into any data center they will instantly know the layout.


Due to the rigorous requirements of our program, NGT Academy has placed over 400+ graduates at some of the most prestigious and important companies including Google, VISA, Disney, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco Systems, and more.

hear from our users

NGT Academy Students are Trained for Success
“I met the robot destined to replace me, so I reached for something better!”
Keron Taylor
“My brother lost thousands in a phone scam, so cybersecurity is personal for me."
Jon Mallory
“My Marine Corps discipline and Zero to Engineer training set me to double my pay.”
Marcus Mapes
“I was a stay-at-home mom and I got a job offer the same day as my interview.”
Makeia Jackson

NGT Academy’s

Growth Plan

NGT Academy is raising capital to allow us to meet our goal of training 1,000,000 cyber warriors by 2030 at our NGT Academy. Our new capital will allow us to complete the Phoenix campus, implement the virtual reality training, develop more programs, and increase marketing to the millions of pandemic-affected career-shifters so they know that we can offer them the prospect of a better career without a lifetime of student debt.

2021 programs



Our Investors

Venture capital firms have doubled their EdTech investments to $16.1 billion in 2020. NGT Academy is a part of the EdTech industry.

Our early investors include Y-Combinator, Liquid2 (Joe Montana's Fund), and Acme Ventures (early investors in UBER).

Nowhere is the workforce-skills gap more pronounced than in cybersecurity.

Wharton University

Investment Perks

**NGT Academy Swag Box: NGT Academy T-shirt, Stickers, Magnet

Our NGT Academy is training veterans and civilians alike to fight against the trillion-dollar cybercrime threat to America. But by now you see that we are much more than that. We offer training for careers in several IT fields and we will be offering many more as we grow. NGT Academy is scaling up to allow millions of people the opportunity to improve their career paths and help the entire IT industry find qualified employees who can contribute on day one in any IT role.

Level 1
  • NGT Academy Swag Box
Level 2
  • NGT Academy Swag Box
  • 10% discount to any product or service valued up to $25,000
Level 3
  • NGT Academy Swag Box
  • 15% discount to any product or service valued up to $25,000
Level 4
  • NGT Academy Swag Box
  • 20% discount to any product or service valued up to $25,000
Level 5
  • NGT Academy Swag Box
  • 20% discount to any product or service valued up to $25,000
  • 1 IT Certification Bootcamp Voucher valued at up to $5500
Level 6
  • NGT Academy Swag Box
  • 20% discount to any product or service valued up to $25,000
  • 1 IT Certification Bootcamp Voucher valued at up to $5500
  • 1 Full Ride Scholarship Voucher to any of our immersive programs valued up to $25,000.
Level 7
  • NGT Academy Swag Box
  • 20% discount to any product or service valued up to $25,000
  • 1 IT Certification Bootcamp Voucher valued at up to $5500
  • 2 Full Ride Scholarship Vouchers to any of our immersive programs valued up to $25,000.
  • Exclusive Dinner with the Founders and exec team in Scottsdale, AZ. Travel and hotel included booked by NGT Academy, Inc. Redeemable at Grand Opening of NGT Academy Campus in Q2 of 2022
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Unit Price: $1.00
Minimum Investment: $1,000

Each Unit consists of one share of Class B common stock and ½ of a warrant to buy an additional Class B share for $2.00